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This causes vision problems, 1 hour apart from each area. polex falso rolex The Geneva Certification Law has strict regulations on quality and efficiency. polex falso rolex
The middle body is designed like a 6-carat diamond. Buying watches: Bucherer is a brand with a history of more than 100 years. When diving, the volume of compressed oil and gas limits the time spent underwater. polex falso rolex which can be easily placed on the Wrist Curve. According to my circumstances, I finally chose to go to Hong Kong to buy.

The simple and elegant milky white-plated dial, with a three-layer pattern: outer layer is Arabic Chinese, medium layer prints minutes and minutes, and final layer is second small hand at 6pm. I have to pay taxes to the IWC.' 'They were like our professors. Four windows are displayed on the edge of the phone for hours, minutes, days and months, enough room for finely crafted dexterity. Under the leadership of Chofin CEO, Zhu Ylong participated in the Energy Forum.

The dark brush surface uses an excellent three-eye contact surface and incorporates a calendar. Turning to look at the stars in the sky, diamond in hand.

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